1. Retirement Projection Strategy 
Are you confident that you will be able to keep your current standard of living for the next 30+ years net after inflation and taxes, and do you know what your minimum annual rate of return must be?

2. Income Tax Strategy 
Has anyone sat down with you in the past two years and said: "Here are the ways you can cut your taxes"?

3. Long-Term Care Strategy 
Have you had a personalized report completed of your long-term care insurance options and costs so you know whether to self-insure or transfer the risk?

4. Retirement Distribution Strategy 
Do you have a tax-efficient distribution strategy where you are continually tracking your annualized rate of return in comparison to your withdrawal rate percentage?

5. Estate Tax/Legacy Strategy 
Have you reduced estate taxes to a minimum and provided appropriately for you family and charities with updated estate planning documents?

6. Asset Allocation Strategy 
Have you had an asset allocation strategy analysis completed on your overall portfolio to be certain you are maximizing your potential returns while minimizing your three risks?

7. Money Manager Strategy 
Are you certain that all of your money managers in your portfolio have been above-average?

8. Independent Advice Strategy 
Do you have an independent advisor who proactively coordinates all of these 8 strategies for you with scheduled annual reviews?

If you answered "No" to any of the above questions, contact us and see how we can help get you on track to your financial goals.


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